Discerning Seminary: An Overview

The Discernment Process is a long, winding path filled with a lot of questions and conversations. Ultimately, the path leads a young man to talk with the Vocation Director and, if he thinks he’s called, to apply to seminary. This article serves as an overview. For additional questions, click here.

The Application Process

After conversations with the Vocation Director and a man’s desire to apply to seminary, he begins the application process. This period of discernment is more serious than those leading up to it. We desire men who take an application to desire to seminary the following academic year; we don’t want men to apply like they would to other colleges. Applying to seminary comes at a point in the man’s prayer and relationship with God that he is aware this is the next step in his discernment, to take formal time in seminary to begin preparation for priesthood.

Here are the portions of the application for admission:

-Baptism and Confirmation certificates

-ACT score (at least 20)

-Application to St. Louis University

-Academic transcripts

-Dental & eye exam

-General physical and blood work

-Up to date immunization form

-Criminal background check

-Psychological exam

-Behavioral assessment

-Letters of recommendation from one’s pastor and two others

-Autobiographical essay

-Emergency & insurance info

When all these items are completed, the Vocation Office staff compiles and reviews the file, and sends it to Kenrick-Glennon Seminary (For applicants to the Archdiocese of St. Louis: Kenrick for a pre-theology applicant; Glennon for a college applicant). The seminary admissions board assesses the man’s suitability to seminary; the board may wish to interview an applicant. Should the seminary deem him suitable to enter seminary formation, they will inform the Vocation Office and the man of his acceptance.

Upon acceptance, the Vocation Office will send a letter to the Archbishop, asking him to sponsor this man as a seminarian for the archdiocese. Upon receiving one’s “Archbishop’s Letter,” a man is officially a seminarian for the next school year.

Do you or your son wish to meet with the Vocation Director? Contact us here, by email or at 314.792.6460.