Living Marriage as a Sacrament

by Liz Miller

As newlyweds living in the joy of our new vocation marriage in Christ meant praying together daily and growing together in faith. As the years go on the relationship between the three of us (my husband, myself, and God) has become so much more.

While we depend on each other, we depend so much more on Him. While we work to provide for our family, he provides so much more for us. When we find ourselves in moments of great struggle, we lean on each other and invite Christ into our mess. And believe me, it can be as mess.  Whether it was when our son was born 3 months early, money was tight, or we are having major disagreements (as I like to call them “moments of marital bliss”) we let God in. These challenges don’t tear us apart, but rather draw us closer together and deeper in love.

Marriage is a Sacrament of service not only because you serve one another, you also serve your family, and the world around you. When I was single someone once said a good marriage draws you outward, not inward. A good partner helps you to see the gifts that God has given you, and empowers and encourages you to share your light with the world. A good partner also lovingly calls you out on our shortcomings challenging you to become a better person.

Inviting Christ into your marriage means inviting joy into your marriage. A joy that is rooted deeply in faith, and cannot be shaken. It means that while the love you have for each other is deep, the love that God has for you as an individual is even deeper.  This deep love then flows out of your marriage and into the world touching the lives of all you come in contact with.